About Us

A watch factory, own and located in Kvutzat Yavne, a kibbutz half an hour south of Tel Aviv. We are KYT Group timepiece manufactures since 1982. Our house brand, which we continue to produce Continuously since our factory was established, is called Adi. The word “Adi”, means “jewel” in biblical Hebrew and our goal is to provide our customers beautiful watches with the best value for their buy. To achieve that, we combine our 40 years experience together with innovation & technology to create a wide collection of designed and quality watches you can count on.

our company began assembling and marketing quality watches and clocks under the "Adi" logo as well as private labels. Keeping up with trends in the growing market, "Adi" watches and clocks reach many households and companies in Israel and overseas.

Today, KYT Group Watches continues the tradition of quality, broadening our collection and entering new markets. We continue production "Adi" brand as well as becoming the official representative of prestigious global brands such as
Citizen- the innovative Japanese leading watches technology,
Swiss Military - Classic Swiss handmade Horologic in various finishing.
Emboss & The Duchesses - High end contemporary timepieces set with genuine diamonds, sapphire crystal and real 18k gold coating etc.

KYT Group Watches offers a wide range of products specially designed for companies. Private labels and logos can be printed on the dial and special dedications can be engraved on the watch back. Special designs and functions can be ordered for any occasion, as gifts to celebrate milestones as well as for promotion and marketing.

A special Judaica line featuring the Hebrew alphabet and Jewish cultural symbols can be found in the El Al Israeli Airlines duty free best seller list.

KYT Group takes pride in our flexibility and our ability to offer a wide range of clocks and watches, tailoring them to the customer's requirements, for both Iocal and international markets. Ensuring quality and short delivery time, we can supply small and large orders to your satisfaction.

Over the years, KYT Group Watches has supplied clocks and watches to hundreds of Israeli and foreign companies, to government offices, municipalities, hospitals and IDF military units.